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Susquehanna Valley Orienteering in conjunction with the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association announces
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, PA
Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Susquehanna Stumble is a Billygoat-inspired event with a couple of twists. The competitors run between most controls in normal sequential order, but occasionally enter a "window" where there are several controls which can be visited in ANY order.

WHERE: Adams Creek - Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, PA

WHEN: Mass start at 11:00, Sunday, September 21, 2014

WHAT: The Long-Stumble event will be ~15 km in length, with commemorative towel for the first 20 finishers and the first 5 female finishers.

The Short-Stumble will be ~8 km with commemorative towels for the first 15 finishers and first 5 female finishers.

The course setter is Sandy Filebrown; the meet director is Brad Whitmore

Due to the remote nature of the area and the lack of adequate trails, there will NOT be White, yellow, and orange recreational courses.

COST: $ 22 for the Long-Stumble, $ 15 for the Short-Stumble.

REGISTRATION: Send E-MAIL TO AND TELL HIM WHETHER YOU ARE DOING THE SHORT OR LONG COURSE by SEPTEMBER 7th. You can then pay at the event. Morning-of-event registration is also ok but an additional $ 5 will be added to the fee (and there is a small chance that we might run out of maps).

DIRECTIONS: Go to the Junction of US 209 and PA 739 in Dingmans Ferry PA and follow O signs to Park and Ride (near intersection of PA 739 and Milford Road)

Informal Training the day before: The Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) rents cabins (~ 4 people) for $100 per night. Some people might want to go up to the Water Gap on Saturday for some training on other maps and stay over for the Stumble on Sunday. If interested let Sandy Filebrown ( know and she can supply a pointer to PEEC and old maps from the North Americans meet held in the area a few years ago for training. You would have to organize things from there.

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